A Shape Aluminium Toolbox UTE Trailers Storage in Melbourne Victoria

1200 (L) X 420 (W) X 500 (H)


A Shape Aluminium Toolbox UTE Trailers Storage for Sale in Melbourne, Victoria.
BRAND NEW Aluminium Toolbox for Sale
Size – 1200 (L) X 420 (W) X 500 (H)
Fully Welded Toolbox with Rubber Seals – Water and Dust Proof
Lockable Toolbox





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  • A Shape Aluminium Toolbox UTE Trailers Storage - 1200 (L) X 420 (W) X 500 (H) for sale in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Brand New Aluminium Toolbox For Sale
  • Toolbox Size - 1200 (L) X 420 (W) X 500 (H)
  • Fully Welded Toolbox
  • Rubber Seals - Water and Dust Proof
  • Lockable Toolbox
  • 2 Gas Struts
  • A Shaped Toolbox for the ease of storage and accessibility

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Trailer & Trailers has range of BRAND NEW Trailers and Toolboxes for Sale in Melbourne - Victoria. We have been offering premium quality BRAND NEW TRAILERS, Aluminium Toolboxes and Boat & Jet Ski Trailers at affordable prices with 30+ Years of Manufacturing Experience. 

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A Shape Aluminium Toolbox UTE Trailers Storage - 800mm/1200mm x 550mm x 500mm for Sale. Available in largest Trailer warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria at Thomastown.



Toolbox Features

Lockable, Water & Dust Proof


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A Shape Aluminium Toolbox UTE Trailers Storage – 1200 (L) X 420 (W) X 500 (H) for Sale – Thomastown, Melbourne – Victoria. Trailer & Trailers has range of UTE / Trailers Storage Aluminium Toolboxes for Sale in Victoria’s Largest Trailer Warehouse in Thomastown.

When it comes to trailer storage, having a reliable toolbox is essential. A toolbox not only keeps your tools and equipment organized but also protected from the elements. However, not all toolboxes are created equal. If you’re looking for a toolbox that’s both functional and stylish, an A-shaped toolbox might be just what you need.

An A-shaped toolbox is a unique and innovative design that offers several benefits. Firstly, its shape allows it to fit snugly on the front of a trailer, taking up minimal space while still offering ample storage capacity. This is particularly important if you have a small trailer or limited storage space.

Additionally, the A-shaped design provides excellent stability and durability. Its wide base ensures that it won’t tip over easily, even if it’s fully loaded with tools and equipment. Furthermore, the A-shape makes it resistant to wind and weather damage, ensuring that your tools remain safe and dry no matter the conditions.

Another advantage of the A-shaped toolbox is its accessibility. With the lid opening upwards, it’s easy to access your tools quickly without having to dig through a cluttered mess. This can save you time and frustration, particularly if you’re working on a project that requires frequent tool changes.

If you’re looking for an A-shaped toolbox for your trailer storage needs, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that the toolbox is made from high-quality materials. This ‘A’ shaped toolbox that’s constructed from durable and rust-resistant materials ensure that the toolbox is easy to install and can be secured to your trailer properly.

In conclusion, this A-shaped toolbox is a great option for trailer storage in Melbourne. With its innovative design, durability, and accessibility, it’s an excellent investment for anyone who needs a reliable toolbox for their trailer. By considering the materials, installation, and price, this is a perfect A-shaped toolbox for your needs and start enjoying the benefits today.