Browse Our Selection of Tipper Trailers Available in Melbourne

No matter whether you’re working on a home renovation project – or making your living in the trades and carrying out regular landscaping work – our range of hydraulic tipper trailers will fulfil every requirement you have. They provide a simple and effective solution when moving large quantities of soil, woodchips, sand, rocks, and various other construction and landscaping materials.

If you have your eye on one of our caged, boxed, ramp-equipped or mesh-sided trailers, we can work with you to customise it with a tipping feature to help you offload any materials you’re regularly carrying or transporting.

This product range features extra-strong and durable construction that will help you to transport heavy loads. Whether you’re carrying granite slabs or ferrying a load of gravel around the construction site, you’ll want peace of mind that you can do so comfortably and safely. The durable checkerplate construction of our product protects surfaces against the weight and impact of regular material transportation.

Our showroom is located in Thomastown, and we showcase our full range of hydraulic tipper trailers in this Melbourne location. Visit us at your soonest convenience.